About ICM Holding

Founded in May 1994, ICM Holding is the African leader of services companies in the oil sector as well as one of its pioneers. Its leadership stems from its world-class expertise, its rigor and consistency in delivering quality services, and its ability to adapt to and drive changes in both national and international environments.

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ICM Holding was created to provide a world-class professional expertise in terms of...
ICM manages the clearance of any imported or exported oil-related materials by air, sea or land
The year 2009 highlights the fulfillment of the dream of one of ICM Holding’s founding members, Mr. Benoit Trazo, who became a ship-owner and the first in Côte d’Ivoire. This leads to the creation of ICM Nautical as the latest subsidiary of ICM Holding. .
Regarding maritime consignment, we offer you a personalized service ....
Our Competencies
  • Custom Clearance of oil materials
  • Consignment of ships and rigs
  • Cargo handling and deliveries
  • Personnel Placement on the ships and rigs
  • Boat rental
  • Travel agency
Our Scuba Diving Unit is primarily involved in the repair of hydraulic dams...