MAY 1st 2018: LABOR'S DAY


"The ICM HOLDING group celebrated labor's day on Tuesday May 1st 2018 at Mondoukou beach (Bassam, Ivory Coast), in the presence of the Chief Executive Officer (MR Benoit TRAZO) and the General Manager (MR Emile KOSSONOU). It had been a long time since the ICM family found itself in such an atmosphere. The staff was more than happy to get a break from office monotony and stress. Attire for the occasion, dancing, Karaoke, board games, football match and more were part of the program. Celebrating the reunion between Employers and employees in a family atmosphere, conviviality and total communion without distinction of title, was the goal sought by the Human Resources Department. This outing made it possible to reconnect with each other, thus promoting solidarity within our various companies. The Chief Executive Officer and the General Manager both expressed their feelings of joy and gratitude to the organizers of the party and to all those in attendance. Each of them expressed their wish to see all of us take on the challenge of achieving the best work ethic on a daily basis, and to ensure excellence at every level of function, for a better performance of all companies."

- HAWA TRAORE, director of human resources.